Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Calgary Democracy Tech Day

I’m getting a lot busier with the Calgary Democracy project. The CivicCamp folks are showing a lot of support, it’s getting attention on the #yycvote discussions on Twitter, I even have candidates calling me up directly to talk about it.

I need a lot of help!

Democracy Tech Day

I want to put together a tech day sometime in the next month or so. This would be a get together of a bunch of ideas people, testers, data junkies, computer geeks (Ruby on Rails, SQL, mobile apps, mapping, mashups, etc.), interface designers, graphic designers, G.I.S. folks, sys-admins, project leads, etc. All of whom would be ready to get down to work on this stuff.

We’d get a space with some tables for group work, whiteboards, projector for presentations, good internet connectivity, piles of big paper, stickies, Lego bricks, and other idea and design exploration tools. (I’m guessing most people would be able to bring their own computers—although we could arrange for some extras.)

I’d probably have the day start with some short intro presentations on current projects, where they are at and some of the ideas yet to be implemented. Then we could do a short group brain-storming session to explore some ideas and possibilities. Then much of the rest of the day would be centred around actually working on stuff—design sessions, project planning, usability development, actual coding, data-mining, … Depending on the number of participants, we might split into groups on different projects.

Finally, wrapping up the day with short presentations on what people came up with, and deciding on next steps.

With all that, my goals would be to get more people engaged and connected on this work, get some work done on the current projects and get some new projects started.

What do you think?


Krimson Gray said...

I'd be for this. I'm currently big on repurposing computers to run Ubuntu, though I have experimented with Android and Google Chrome OS as well. Just no Apple stuff, they are teh evil.

- Krim (Dan Dubinsky)

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