Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fighting Disability Cuts - Now Closed-Captioned

I’ve posted Another video from the “Not a Bake Sale” rally opposing the life-wrecking funding cuts to people with developmental disabilities in Alberta. This time, specific calls to action that all Albertans can participate in to oppose the cuts.

Please join Albertans Who Care, across this province, in taking action to oppose the Conservative cuts.

Closed-Captioning for the hearing-impaired

YouTube has made it pretty simple to add captions or multi-lingual subtitles to videos. They’ve posted a guide on how to create and add captions to videos you have posted on their site.

While adding captions makes your videos more accessible to the hearing-impaired (or people with non-functioning audio on their computers), it also makes your videos more “findable” by providing more text that can be searched.

You can also use this mechanism to add subtitles in different languages.

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