Monday, December 21, 2009

Alberta’s Conservative government threatens the well-being of people with disabilities

The Conservative government of Alberta is trying to take back money they had committed to provide needed supports for people with disabilities in our province ($12 million in the last part of the year for People with Developmental Disabilities across Alberta). The Conservatives are endangering the welfare of some of our most vulnerable citizens at the same time they are giving billions of dollars to private oil and gas companies — the wealthiest industry in our province.

Please join Albertans Who Care, across this province, in taking action to oppose the Conservative cuts.

In Calgary, there was a public rally held on December 18, 2009, to oppose the vicious funding cuts. Called the “Not a Bake Sale”, the rally featured such items as a million-dollar cupcake (which, oddly enough, no one bought).

In this video from the rally, Elaine Yost, Executive Director of Options, speaks to the impacts the funding cuts would have on the programs and services provided by agencies that provide support to people with disabilities.

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