Friday, August 7, 2009

Introducing Calgary MediaCamp

With all the video production I’ve been doing lately, my recent experiences at CivicCamp and TransitCamp, and with the reminder that Media Democracy Day is coming up in October, I’ve been thinking about what we could do in Calgary to advance local media.

Over the past week, I’ve talked with a number of folks who work on their own projects or with local organizations producing media. The idea of holding a “MediaCamp” unconference is starting to come together.

MediaCamp would be an opportunity for people to share existing and new media projects, build new collaborations, and advance the state of media democracy in our city. It would bring together people in the city who are working on — or wanting to work on — media, especially (but not exclusively) independent and non-commercial.

This is to have a pretty broad scope, welcoming people with all manner of media involvement: Advocates, arts, bloggers, books, commentators, documentaries, editors, hosts, journalists, podcasts, print, publishers, radio, reporters, television, videographers, web, etc.

I’m starting to pull together planning meetings this month. If you have ideas for this and want to get involved, please check out the Calgary MediaCamp group I’ve set up for the organizing.

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