Friday, May 15, 2009

How I’m voting in the FFWD Best of Calgary survey

Here are a list of my recommendations on voting in the FFWD Best of Calgary 2009 survey. By section:

The City

Best New Trend: More street festivals
Worst new trend: Bush regime visits
Best kept Calgary secret: All the progressive activism
Scariest Intersection: The federal and provincial Conservatives
Best place to tie the knot: Gay bar
Best places to snag Stampede Breakfast: Sunrise Community Link
Best Local Charity: The Women’s Centre
Calgary’s claim to shame: NIMBYism
Best use of local tax dollars: Public Library
Worst use of local tax dollars: Water fluoridation

Urban Life

Most embarrassing Calgarian: Ric McIver
Most dedicated activist: Genevieve Balogun
Sexiest Man: Grant Neufeld
Sexiest Woman: Druh Farrell


Best Bike Shop: Good-Life Community Bikes

You can vote online at FFWD’s Best of Calgary 2009.

Update: I’ve posted detailed explanations for each of my recommendations.

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