Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Alberta Greens executive declares: Blue is the new Green

Alberta Greens Logo Comparison: Blue is the new Green
Top: The new, blue, logo,
Bottom: The original logo.
The new executive of the Alberta Greens seem to be dipping into either the realm of surrealism or the realm of Orwell’s “Big Brother” — or maybe someone is colour-blind. The new party website that appeared online yesterday features a revised party logo where the word “greens” shows up in the colour blue.

One might wonder if this portends new policy directions for the party under the new regime. Perhaps they shall declare that 2 + 2 = 5.

There has long been a slogan associated with the Green movement and Green Parties: “Not right, not left, but forward.” This has represented the Green rejection of ideology as a basis for organizing, and instead the willingness to consider all sides and aspects of issues to look for the best directions to take. This is an informed rationalist approach, rather than an ideological approach.

In a province where the colour blue is solidly associated in politics with right-wing, capital-C Conservatism, the change of colour from green to blue in the new Alberta Greens logo sends a strong message that those now in charge of the party intend a shift to the political right. (If that message was somehow unintentional, one would have to question the political awareness of those now running the party.)

If true, this signals that the party organization is no longer part of the movement the that so many have worked so hard to build in this province.

The movement, however, continues — in spite of this apparent setback. Though we no longer have the support of the organization still called “Alberta Greens”, Greens in Alberta are still working together to advance the Green principles.

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Farnum said...


I'm not sure I like the new logo either but I am not opposed to a colour change if it means more people take another look at Green values.

I think the old colour scheme looked weak (sorry, I associate yellow with weak). As much as we hate to admit it, much of politics is about packaging. If Greens want our values and ideas in the legislature of Alberta don't we need to consider all strategies.

I do agree it's jarring to have the word 'Green' in blue, but maybe that was the intent. If the colour of conservatism is blue and Greens are all about conserving resources what is the trouble with the colour association here?

Albertans are ready for change.
We no longer trust the PCs but many Albertans still consider themselves conservative (not necessarily big C Cons).

There is much about the Green Party that is conservative in nature. Gosh, even the word comes from 'conserve.'

You seem to have had a visceral reation to the change. 2+2 never equals 5 but you can write the equation 2+2=5 in any colour, can't you?


Munsey said...


At the end of your piece on the logo, you write that Green values are not being advanced by the new executive of the Party.

I was part of the group who worked on the new constitution and bylaws and I believe Green values make up the essence of both documents.

I know that you disapprove of the change in leadership, but our values are now even more firmly embedded in the constitution and bylaws than ever before.

In comparison to the old versions, the new ones are miles ahead... yet they are not finished and always open to amendment by members.

I urge other readers of Grant's blog to look at the constitution and bylaws for themselves. They are posted on the Alberta Greens website for everyone to see.

Rest assured, these are living documents and fully open to amendment by members. If there is something in either document that needs to be changed, let's get together and make changes.

Kind regards.

Will Munsey

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