Monday, November 3, 2008

Green Party of Alberta controversies — 2008 AGM

More than a month later (sorry), I have finally posted a detailed overview, analysis and commentary on the issues around the 2008 AGM of the Green Party of Alberta.

I would like all Green Party supporters in Alberta to renew your memberships today, please (or take out a new membership if you’ve never formally joined), so you can contribute to the critical decisions the party is facing. It’s only $10 and you can join online right now with a credit card. (Sorry if that comes across as marketing-speak. We really need to make sure as many interested voices are heard on this as possible.)

The issues coming out of the AGM mess (including the contradictory statements of who is the leader of the party, and who forms the party executive), remain unresolved. It’s my guess that it will get pushed to the courts which is a “very bad thing” in my view.

I’ve also posted a bunch of background documents, including some of the emails that went around from the various sides in the issues, and links to all sorts of related information, articles and documents.

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