Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Support our troops? Give them a living wage!

All this propagandistic hyper-patriotism demanding that we “Support Our Troops” continues to intensely offend me. I just read that:
“General Rick Hillier says soldiers overseas ask for very little, other than government support, the right equipment to do the job, and to occasionally be remembered back home.”
What I find particularly ludicrous in its extreme irony is the next line in the article:
“Hillier made the comments in Winnipeg, where he spoke at a fundraising dinner for a centre to help military families.”
Why the frack does this overpaid bureaucrat think it’s perfectly okay to need to have fundraisers for military families?!?

I wish every one of the “patriots” who get on their high horses about “supporting the troops” would get off their asses and demand that our federal government actually support the troops by paying them a living wage! Instead of shoving substance-less yellow ribbons down everyone’s throats, why not put that effort into ensuring that military workers and their families have enough food to go down their throats — instead of having to go to food banks?

It is criminally shameful that our government provides so little in the way of real support for the troops. It is deeply offensive to have so many in the community giving lip-service to supporting the troops while ignoring the realities of the immense lack of support we are actually giving them.

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