Thursday, February 14, 2008

Calgary Democracy is up and running

There is a ton to say about the Calgary Democracy project, but if I waited for a chance to write all of that, I’d never get around to posting anything. So this is a quick post to let announce that the website now has comprehensive lists of the candidates and parties for the March 3, 2008, Alberta provincial election.

I ended up including all candidates in the election — not just the ones in Calgary.

Users who register on the site can add information links for candidates. I encourage folks to do this because there is no way I’ll be able to handle everything on my own (with almost 400 candidates already announced, and more expected by the nomination deadline on Monday).

The website I did for the municipal election in Calgary back in October received a very positive response. My favourite feedback was from the two separate people who told me that the reason they voted at all was because they were able to find useful information on the candidates through my website. I’m hoping to repeat and expand on that success this time.

So, please add what information you can, and give me feedback about the site (suggestions for changes, improvements, additional info, etc.). Thanks!

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