Thursday, February 14, 2008

Attention Calgary candidates — I want to interview you

A group of us are trying to produce interview videos of as many of the Calgary candidates in the election as we can.

We’re distributing the videos online through sites like YouTube, Facebook, Viddler, etc. We also are trying to get Shaw Cable to run them, and maybe also do some community screenings and DVD distributions. Candidates are welcome to freely make use of the interview videos (such as on their own websites).

This is a chance to bypass the 20-second soundbyte format of the media and actually speak to voters. The videos typically run between 7-10 minutes (we limit it to that because any longer and we can expect most folks to tune out). That’s still long enough to really answer the core questions voters have about why the candidate is running, where they stand on key issues, and why people should vote for them.

See the video project page for full details.

If you are a candidate, or part of a campaign team, please contact me to make arrangements for the interviews.

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