Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alberta Provincial Election — Lots of work to do

It has been just over two months since my last post. I have, frankly, been both very busy and pretty tired. Now, however, I’m putting a big burn on with the provincial election.

There are a number of non-partisan projects I’m looking for people to help out with…

Calgary Democracy Website

For those of you who remember the website I did for the municipal election, Calgary Democracy is the project that emerged out of that.

The initial purpose is to provide a comprehensive point of access for all information available on the candidates in elections Calgarians can vote in.

You can help: It is a massive job gathering all of the links. Over the next few days, I am planning to have a new set of forms working on the website which will allow people to directly submit new weblinks (and any candidates I’ve missed). Please contact me if you’re interested in helping out.

I’ll post an announcement to this blog (and the front page of the Calgary Democracy site) when the link submission form is up and running.

Candidate Interview Videos

The handful of videos I managed to get done during the municipal election were well received. So, I’m hoping to expand that project to get videos done of as many of the candidates as possible (from all parties and independents).

You can help: This is another massive undertaking. So, I’m looking for people who can:
  • record the interviews,
  • edit the videos,
  • and handle internet distribution (upload to YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
None of these require anything fancy (it doesn’t require “high production values”).

The project will also need some support in terms of borrowing equipment:
  • video cameras (basic consumer cameras are fine)
  • microphones (lapel mics make a big difference to the sound quality)
  • tripods
  • blank tapes and dvds for recording on
Financial donations to help cover costs of equipment rentals and blank media would be helpful, too.

Please refer to the video project’s info page for details and get in touch with me to get involved.

Poverty Talks

One of the things that’s been significantly contributing to my being too busy to blog has been the Poverty Talks project. During the election, the project is trying to put together a couple of candidate forums to highlight poverty issues — and to push for political action — in our communities.

You can help: We need people to help with organizing and various tasks involved in putting on the forums. Please contact me to get involved.

We’re having a planning meeting this Wednesday, February 6, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, at the Heartland Café in Sunnyside (940 – 2 Avenue NW; just about a block from the Kensington LRT Station, in Sunnyside). There will be a free drink — e.g., coffee, tea, juice — and some food for participants who RSVP. Please contact me or use the Facebook meeting signup if you plan to attend.

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