Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why I didn’t buy any apples tonight

[Photo of apples] This evening, I walked to my local Calgary Co-op grocery store for some groceries.

I usually try to pick up most of my produce from Sunnyside Market — a small, locally-owned, grocer that focuses on environmentally responsible and healthy food choices (and they accept Calgary Dollars for part of any purchase). However, that didn’t work for me today, so I went to Co-op (who are open longer hours).

As it was, of the various things I was looking for, most came from other parts of the planet. I was particularly disappointed by the selection of apples. Nearly every variety came from literally the other side of the planet (New Zealand). There was only one variety I could find that was from this continent — and that came from the U.S. which I am avoiding as much as possible.

So, no apples.

It’s ironic (as is so much of what goes on in the world) that Co-op touts being “Locally owned and operated” while apparently avoiding local growers. I did take the opportunity to fill out one of their customer feedback forms to encourage them to try for local sources instead.

Photo by Annette Elisabeth Rudolph. Licensed under the Creative Commons.
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