Friday, September 28, 2007

My new website for the Calgary municipal election

I finally launched a new website I’ve been planning for quite a while. It provides a comprehensive listing of all the candidates in the upcoming municipal election (including the school boards), including all the links to them I could find (websites, social networking sites, online videos) and contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, campaign offices).There’s a page for general voter resources, like maps of the wards and information on how to vote, as well as links to advocacy websites and social networking groups for the election and election issues.

Finally, I have also included a page dedicated to sharing my opinions of the campaign issues, and my views on the candidates.

Future developments

There are many ideas I have for a general website to track elections, candidates and elected officials. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to implementing some of them.

I’d love to have a way for each candidate to have a page where people can share their thoughts on the candidate. Although, there would have to be some mechanism to avoid it falling into the typical name-calling and mud-slinging. I haven’t figured out how best to approach solving that problem, but I do have some ideas and am thinking further about it.

It would also be good to be able to compile links to news stories, blog posts, message board discussions, etc., and to link those to the relevant candidates.

Eventually, a record of elected officials actions while in office would be useful, too. Especially their policy and voting histories.

Anyone interested in working with me on this project? Additional Ruby on Rails developers would be especially useful, although there are a lot of other ways to contribute, too.

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