Friday, August 24, 2007

Lobbying for Library Use

The public library continues to rock my world.

A friendly co-worker and I ended up having a good chat yesterday — much of which centred around books, movies and the public library. Having had bad experiences with large overdue fines as a youth, they had not acquired a library card for many years.

These days, it is a lot easier to avoid problems like that. The online account management the Calgary Public Library offers are quite useful. You can check on what books you have out, when they are due, whether there are holds on the book (which determines whether you’ll be able to renew) and how many times you’ve renewed (limit of 2 times per item). You can also renew right online (including at 11:59pm if you remembered at the last minute that you have a book due the next day).

Mac OS X users can also take advantage of the great tool “Library Books”. It makes accessing your library account very easy (along with great visual reminders that help you avoid forgetting when a book is due). It works with many library internet systems around the world. Highly recommended.

In conclusion: Get thee to a library!

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