Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Youth activism websites

[Photo: Peace Rally: Dijla] A recent posting on Feministing (one of my favourite blogs these days) mentioned a few new websites for youth activism. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my photos in the header of one of the sites, Future5000.

Future5000 looks to be of similar intent to the Activist Network project I started back in 1999, but focused on youth activist organizations in the U.S.

Another site from the article is the Youth Media Council. It “builds communications power and defends the communication rights of youth, communities of color, and organizing groups working for racial and economic justice.”

Finally, “BLOC (Building Leadership Organizing Communities) is a national network of young organizers and activists working in communities of color as ‘alliance builders’. BLOC brings young people into the youth movement as community workers, develops their political analysis and strategy, and supports them in staying healthy and continuing to fight for social justice.”

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