Sunday, March 18, 2007

A personal crusade against ageism

Someone I’ve met through local activism just connected with me over MySpace. Before you lash into me, let me say that, yes, I’m using Myspace—one of the worst designed and yet successful sites I’ve ever seen. I use it to try to connect with people for local activism since, unfortunately, there are so many people using it these days.

Anyway, my contact happened to notice that my MySpace profile page currently lists my age as 67.

Having met me, they naturally questioned the veracity of that number (since, I can say with full confidence that, I don’t look a day over 60). Here’s part of my response:
No, I’m probably not 67 :-) I don’t put my actual birthdate on websites because I’m on a personal crusade against ageism. I almost never tell my age and almost never ask anyone their’s.

We, as a society, find far too many ways (such as age, gender, finances, ethnicity, etc.) to separate and compartmentalize each other and I see that as being at the core of the problems in the world. We are divided and, therefore, conquered. Meaningful and sustainable social change can only come to the extent that we see each other as part of the same and come together, rather than as apart and separate.

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