Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ticketing SUVs for environmental offense: ATSA Art Attack

Ticketing SUVs on CBC’s “The National” A few of the Calgary Culture-Jammers went out around downtown Calgary this afternoon, ticketing SUVs (and limos) for their high inefficiency - with additional penalties for idling vehicles.

We used the tickets ("Citizen's Statement of Offense") that the Montréal arts collective ATSA gave us last month when they were presenting in Calgary.

Some folks from CBC television's The National news program came along, with their reporter Mark Kelley joining us in ticketing vehicles.

They're filming a documentary on Hummers to air on The National - probably in March.
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infowarrior said...

What is this bullcrap????
Come on, now people don't have a choice?
Global Warming caused by SUV's is bogus!
Mars' polar ice caps were melting just as fast as earth's.
Now, they are both freezing or expanding at a fast rate.
Please, leave people alone for committing eco-sins that don't have an affect on anything but the pocket book.

Unknown said...

You are quite mistaken that the use of SUVs has no effect other than financial on the owner.

SUVs have lower fuel-efficiency than most other personal vehicles. Use of fossil fuels most certainly is having a negative environmental impact.

Additionally, fossil-fuel powered vehicles are a significant contributor to air pollution which has various negative health impacts (especially the increased risk of asthma attacks).

Larger vehicles take up more space on the road and in storage, requiring more space and resources be taken up for roads and parking.


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