Monday, January 1, 2007

Where to focus in activism?

The mainstream of progressive/social-justice/environmental/etc. activism here is heavily compartmentalized, isolated, dissociated, ... we are divided. We all get caught up in particular issues, causes and projects - narrowing our focus onto very specific things. In this, our connections to each other - the support of community - is neglected in the extreme.

It remains very important that we work to address the countless issues we are working on as activists, but even more important is the building of cooperation and mutual support - the building of community - so that we can have the collective strength to meaningfully bring about substantial change.

I am convinced by all I have seen and done in my life, all that I have read and been told by others, that without a genuine, long-term, community of support and collaboration we will surely fail all of our causes in the long term.

This past summer I drafted a discussion of a number of interconnected projects that I see as being potential tools for building the interconnection and relationships amongst local activists to build toward that community. It brings together a whole slew of ideas and experiences I've had and been exposed to over the past couple decades of my involvement in activism.

Along with that discussion, I've setup a collaborative wiki section on that anyone can contribute to in discussing, debating and designing the projects I've proposed.

So, please come take a look, join the discussion and feel free to contribute your ideas, concerns, questions, ... whatever.


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