Wednesday, January 31, 2007

5 minutes without electricity around the world

Between 18:55-19:00 UTC/GMT (that's 11:55 AM - Noon, in Calgary), people around the world will be going for 5 minutes without using electricity.

A group of French environmentalists have made the call to coincide with a major climate change meeting in France - where a new United Nations report on global climte change is to be released.

This is an effort to get the attention of media, politicians and the public - to raise awareness of the global interest in addressing climate change as a consequence of human actions. So, please join with the countless others from across the globe who will be turning off lights, unplugging appliances, and taking a calm breath in the space between our dependence on unsustainable energy.

Canadian start times: 3:25 PM Newfoundland, 2:55 PM Atlantic, 1:55 PM Eastern, 12:55 PM Central, 11:55 AM Mountain, 10:55 AM Pacific.

No one will complain if you leave things off for longer than just the 5 minutes, too...


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