Thursday, August 10, 2006

My graphic design work - all over the place

The Calgary Dollars newspaper is included as an insert in this week's FFWD Magazine (free on the streets and various venues in Calgary). I do the layout and design of the paper.

Also in this week's FFWD is an ad (on page 8) that I designed for the Peace march & rally this Saturday. I really like what I put together for this one in terms of design. Very striking. (Remember, I'm the guy who always says "modesty is just another form of lying"....)

I also did a nice simple poster for the rally & march. The design was kept pretty limited so the poster would be easily photocopyable without getting mushed. These posters have been going up around town to promote the event.

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Embracing my inner-geek

I just had a geek-tacular moment. I'm doing some experimenting to try to improve the long-term security of my internet servers. I issued a command in the Terminal with "verbose" output. So, there's this rapidly scrolling text spewing through my terminal window ... and I'm getting totally giddy and excited. I was thrilled just to be seeing the output from my command scrolling unreadably fast through the terminal.

Geek and proud!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Open-sourcing Wayground

Well, I finally posted the source to my in-progress website Content Management System (CMS) - Wayground.

I'm building it with Ruby on Rails. I'm pretty new to both Rails and the Ruby language, so the code is far from my best ever. But, I hope to improve as the project develops.

This project is the immediate descendent of my previous Wayground code which was built on PHP. That was a descendent of the website management system I built in PHP for the old Activist Network (that system has been taken down and replaced with just a static page). Finally, that in turn was descended from the first version of the Activist Network website which was built using the Filemaker Pro database and Tango Enterprise.

This work has come a long way.

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