Friday, May 26, 2006

My new web design for the Green Party of Nova Scotia

 I got a call last night asking for me to do a quick 'pretty' interface for the website for the very new Green Party of Nova Scotia (who just formed in March and are now running a whole pile of candidates in their provincial election).

So, I ended up spending a whole bunch of time last night and this morning rushing up a design. It was less than 14 hours from the time I got the contact email for the web developer in Nova Scotia until he had my new design up and running this morning (along with some changes I contributed to the website's PHP code). Record time!

The design is very bare-bones, but (in my utterly biased opinion) it actually looks good. Yes I committed the terrible sin of using tables for quick & dirty layout (with the election already on, they needed something - anything - up like "last week"). But, I did make sure that my code is 100% valid XHTML & CSS!

That makes three provincial Green Parties I've done election support for since (and including) the Alberta election in 2004 (which I also ran as a candidate in). Not to mention various things for the Federal party over the past few years, too.

My status? Situation normal - insanely busy.

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