Friday, May 26, 2006

My new web design for the Green Party of Nova Scotia

 I got a call last night asking for me to do a quick 'pretty' interface for the website for the very new Green Party of Nova Scotia (who just formed in March and are now running a whole pile of candidates in their provincial election).

So, I ended up spending a whole bunch of time last night and this morning rushing up a design. It was less than 14 hours from the time I got the contact email for the web developer in Nova Scotia until he had my new design up and running this morning (along with some changes I contributed to the website's PHP code). Record time!

The design is very bare-bones, but (in my utterly biased opinion) it actually looks good. Yes I committed the terrible sin of using tables for quick & dirty layout (with the election already on, they needed something - anything - up like "last week"). But, I did make sure that my code is 100% valid XHTML & CSS!

That makes three provincial Green Parties I've done election support for since (and including) the Alberta election in 2004 (which I also ran as a candidate in). Not to mention various things for the Federal party over the past few years, too.

My status? Situation normal - insanely busy.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back in the photographic saddle

I finally got a new camera this evening! It replaces the one that passed away about four months ago.

I was really getting anxious about this, so I'm very relieved that it's finally here. Now I can get back to taking photos of all the events I go to. (Which ties in well with my efforts to develop the Canadian Activism Archives.)

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

You know you've got a right-wing government when...

The federal 'Conservative' government tabled their new budget yesterday and it, unsurprisingly, favors the rich at the cost of the poor.

Of the three tax brackets, only the lowest-income group see a tax increase in this budget (from 15% to 15.5%). On the other hand, rich individuals and corporations see the elimination of the "federal capital tax" which only applied to "taxable capital in excess of $50 million". There's also a more than 9% reduction in the "general corporate income tax rate over the next four years (from 21% to 19%). Companies also will have access to new tax credits.

There's a bunch of new/expanded spending on military and border security, while some other government areas will see budget cuts (and, undoubtedly, layoffs of workers).

They're throwing money at the so-called "child-care benefit" with a flat amount ($1200) per child under the age of six. That includes for families that are rich and don't need support, and isn't enough for low-income families that don't have enough. Keep in mind the statistic from a couple years ago (I haven't heard the most recent numbers) that 20% of children in Calgary are living below the poverty line - that's about 1 in 5.

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