Tuesday, August 9, 2005

My Photography

[Photo from Sudanese Procession: Many Voices] I think the quality of my photography is improving.

For a long time, I mainly focused on the technical documenting of an event - getting an overview of the crowd, showing the location, maybe getting individual shots of speakers or performers. I was mainly concerned with getting the information about an event - X number of people participated in action Y at location Z.

Having been paying a lot closer attention to photography - both in publications and by other photographers on Flickr - I've recognized that it's usually not good enough to just document the information. A good photo tells a story and appeals to the eye. More personal photos - showing one or two people in context, rather than a whole crowd - tend to give the viewer more of a sense of connection to the image. That hopefully draws them into the story.

The other thing is looking for angles and backgrounds that provide contrast and "visual interest". A lot of my shots have tended to show something or someone interesting, but against a background that they don't stand out against. Now I'm trying to find situations that have high contrast. A recent photo from the Sudanese Procession is a great example of contrast.

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