Sunday, February 20, 2005

We won first place at the Supertrain Model Train Show

[SALUG's Awards] The Southern Alberta Lego Users Group took top honours at the Supertrain 2005 Model Train Show in Calgary, this weekend.

[Grant's Supertrain 2005 Photos] My contribution was a river canyon with train bridge [photos of my Lego River Canyon and Train Bridge]. I had a couple of very sleep-deprived nights trying to finish it off right before the show. As it was, I wasn't quite finished when the show opened, so finished it over the first hour or two of the show. That actually turned out okay because people actually were quite interested to watch the display being built right in front of them.

 My thanks to the rest of the SALUG members who made the project so much fun, built great models, and contributed to our success this year. We've been invited to a few more train shows this year, so there's lots more fun ahead.
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