Monday, February 28, 2005

Follow-up to the Alberta Social Forum

[Alberta Social Forum Photos] After about 9 months of organizing that saw numerous big challenges, hurdles and personal crises, the big event is finally complete. This Alberta Social Forum event had a lot of successes and a few disappointments.

While we were far from the level of inclusivity we had hoped for, there were some great stories. The presence and full-inclusion of members of the deaf-blind community was very exciting. Additionally, a self-advocate from the developmental disability community reported really enjoying the sessions he attended - with no feelings of exclusion.

Attendance was lower than we had hoped, but we kept hearing from participants who really enjoyed and valued the sessions they went to. In the end, there were over 40 sessions offered on Saturday and Sunday. I helped or presented at 5 of them - including a session on Craftivism for the Revolutionary Knitting Circle.

There's still a tremendous amount of work to be done to turn the Alberta Social Forum into a broad-based process for the people of Alberta, but this weekend event has certainly helped bring it a little closer.
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