Thursday, October 28, 2004

AISH needs to be increased - not attacked

So many of us have been deeply angered by the Premier's comments on AISH - it's amazing he could say things so ignorant.

The priorities of this government are laid bare - preventing people from getting the supports they need.

We should instead focus on the stark reality that low-income Albertans are not able to meet their basic needs - food, clothing, shelter - even when they manage to go through all the hoops to get the full support available from the provincial government. Everyone I know on AISH or SFI has to resort to charities like the food banks to survive.

Instead of talking about the Premier's focus on imagined 'cheaters', let's ask the questions of why is the government choosing to fail those at the bottom of our society when we have record, multi-billion dollar, surpluses? Why is the "Alberta Advantage" only for Alberta's Advantaged?

(Copied from my election blog.)


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