Saturday, July 17, 2004

Darfur, Sudan: Genocide

Genocide is happening right now.

But, because they want to ignore their responsibility to the more than a million Sudanese people who are being subjected to murder, rape, displacement and other crimes against humanity, the leaders of the world (who similarly failed the people of Rwanda) refuse to acknowledge that genocide is taking place. If they did acknowledge it, then they would be obliged - not only morally and as human beings, but - under international treaty they would have to take measures to stop it.

Just like they (we) failed to do for Rwanda.

If we can get just one country, perhaps Canada, to formally declare that "genocide" is taking place in Sudan, that will create a treaty obligation in over one hundred countries to intervene in Sudan.

Canadians, please contact your Member of Parliament and demand that the genocide in Sudan be formally acknowledged as "genocide" (you may have to dig to find their local contact info because the government's website hasn't caught up with the recent election results yet). Free postal mail can be sent to any member of parliament to:

House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

(U.S. readers please refer to your House of Representatives.)

Wherever you are, sign-up online to attend a local Sudan Peace Meetup in your community. This is an opportunity to connect with other people who are prepared to work for peace in Sudan.

Extensive information and news on the situation and efforts to force intervention can be found at the "Sudan: The Passion of the Present" blog.

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