Friday, May 28, 2004

CBC exclusion of Green candidate

On the Eyeopener this morning (Friday, May 28), at about 6:45am, they hosted a debate between candidates in the Calgary South Centre riding that included only the 'Conservative', Liberal and NDP candidates.

The existence of the Green party candidate was only mentioned by the announcer at the end of the segment.

I just called CBC and left a message expressing disappointment at the exclusion of the Green candidate, Philip Liesemer, and called for them to give him time to make up for not being included, and to ensure the inclusion of Green candidates in all further election coverage.

Feedback to CBC Calgary can be made to (403) 521-6000.

Please spread this message and ask folks to phone the CBC to insist on inclusion of the Greens. If they get a lot of calls, they will give more coverage.

Please do the same with any media who do not give fair coverage to all candidates. Let's not continue to let the media get away with telling us who the "real" candidates are.

(Copied from my postings to the Wayground Blog.)


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