Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Apology Line

Those who know me well are generally pretty aware that I'm a bit of a junkie for 'alternative', obscure and weird magazines. Back in the early 90's I came across an issue of 'Apology' magazine. It was a wonderful collection of confession transcripts. The confessions were recorded on a phone 'Apology Line' and ranged from the banal to the extremely disturbing.

I had never heard or found any further trace of the project (I admit to not doing an indepth search), but would still remember it every once in a while. The magazine is now long gone from my collection (some forgotten soul borrowed it but never returned it - grrrrr) which is particularly disappointing since I never found another copy.

The apology project provides a little background, some samples, and the hope of preservation of the 15 years of work Allan Bridge put into it.

Seen at Metafilter: The Apology Line.
(Copied from my postings to the Wayground Blog.)


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