Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Can you understand this?

A selection from a recent chat:
Grant: Maybe I should be going to bed or something, but I can't remember the octal for chmoding the sticky bit on a directory.
3:20 AM
M: i'd man chmod, i don't remember it either
M: but i think you mean g+s
Grant: Ah - I didn't realize there was a letter constant way of setting it. I've always used the octal in the past. Thx!
S: I eschew the octal
Grant: I do, too, except when I don't know an alternative.
Grant: And am too lazy to dig through the man.
Now, if you understand that, you're either a certified geek or in some sort of otherwise mind-altered state. Really, it does actually make sense (it's about setting what happens when a file is added to a particular directory/folder on a computer).


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