Thursday, January 22, 2004

More blog resources

I've updated my list of blogging tools and resources.

My buddy 'frymaster' pointed out Geeklog. Like Movable Type, it's software (using PHP, MySQL) that you install on a web server (unlike a number of the free blog hosting services that don't require you to have server space). It looks to be very feature rich (in the positive sense of that phrase), with user access management, commenting, custom themes, plugin extension support, stats, calendaring, and more.

Buzznet is another free blog posting site. What distinguishes it is that it is focused on photologs (photo blogs).

The Guardian's Weblog guide provides a lot of resources from the basics of "What is a weblog?" to instructions on how to build a weblog. How Blogs Work, by Marshall Brain, is a quick introduction to what blogs are and how to set one up with the free Blogger service.


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