Sunday, January 25, 2004

Curing car pollution

About a month or so ago, I read an idea about how to address car pollution (maybe it was in a book by Jane Jacobs?).

The idea was to require car manufacturers to move the exhaust pipe to go into the cabin of the car, instead of outside the car. Very quickly, a solution would be found for the pollution coming out of cars.

It's not at all unfair. It's against the law to litter and car exhaust can easily be described as a form of litter. In fact, it's also a form of assault (a very slow and drawn out assault, but it does cause harm - eventually fatal).

The more I've thought about this idea, the more sense it makes. I can't see anything unfair about it, either - whereas there is much that is unfair about the current policy and practice of allowing pollution from cars.

I figure that if we said to the car manufacturers: "In three years, you will not be permitted to have any pollutive emissions from new or refurbished cars," that they would very quickly come up with a solution.


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