Sunday, December 7, 2003

Time doesn't stand still: A decade of webbing

Saturday, December 6, marked the 10th anniversary of my very first 'web hit' (that wasn't me testing my own server).

December 6 is a terrible anniversary to have to share, which is a big part of why I rarely mark the occasion of that first web visitor. The date of the Montreal Massacre remains the most chilling anniversary in Canadian history in my lifetime.

I will, however, take a moment to reflect back on ten years of running webservers. I started as part of the Apple Research Partnership on a beta version of MacHTTP. My server was at, then while I was working at Carleton University. I managed to hold on to the domain for some time after that, but eventually moved to my 'permanent' domain of

Many of the web projects I've worked on over the years are still intact after all this time (although a few have been 'retired'). In general, I try to avoid having links to my sites 'disappear' since I get so annoyed when it happens on other sites.

Some of my projects have taken on lives of their own - most notably the Activist Network which was started in August of 1999.

In some ways, it seems like such a short time since I began this work - but it can also be hard to conceptualize my life before, without the web.

What an odd period of history this will seem to have been to future generations.


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