Saturday, December 20, 2003

This is probably certainly a bad idea to waste more time...

I just came up with an idea for combining the time-wasting "googlewhack" game with the viciously evil time- (and life) wasting problem of spam.

Some spams have taken to putting two random words in the subject. Well, it's not a big leap to use those words for a googlewhack attempt.

Now, the odds of getting an actual googlewhack from this method are so small, that I figured the 'score' in this game would be based on the total number of results found by google (the smaller the number, the better).

My first try did really well - turning up only 87 results: "fernery monk".

My second attempt did very poorly at 56,800 results: "showtime rotisserie".

Some additional rules:
Only 2 word spam subjects allowed.
The words must be real words - not 5cr4mbl3d text.
Don't waste your time actually trying this, please...


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