Thursday, November 27, 2003

The Fall of My Dictatorship

In a bold move, a people's democratic collective has formed to seize power over the Activist Network project.

The formal transition of power to the collective is scheduled to take place when the current dictator, Grant Neufeld, steps down at the end of this year.

This non-violent coup - prompted by the outgoing dictator - is expected to see a radical transformation of the administration and development of the Network after years of dictatorial tyranny under Neufeld's rule. One gleeful participant might have said: "At long last, an end to the suffering is in our grasp. The power is being taken into the many hands of our people's participatory democratic collective."

The transition is not expected to be entirely without difficulties. A spokesperson for the outgoing dictator stated "We expect there to be some delays in the functioning of the system during the transition period as the current administration is phased out and the new administration 'learns the ropes'."

In an effort to dispel any notions of sabotage on the part of the outgoing regime, Dictator Neufeld has ordered all his minions to cooperate fully in the transition process and extended a formal statement of apology for difficulties with the system during the change over.

(Noting that Neufeld is the only human worker under the outgoing regime, some have concluded that by "minions" he is referring to his computer equipment. This view has led to a call in some quarters for a program of independent psychiatric care, or at least a decent vacation, for the fallen leader.)

After the historic meeting where the time-table for handing over power was set, the teary-eyed dictator was sent walking off, alone and powerless, into the night.

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