Friday, August 30, 2002

The Knitting Revolution calls you to gather

on Tuesday, September 3

In the face of growing corporate oppression, the Revolutionary Knitting Circle is boldly gathering on:

Tuesday, September 3, 6:30pm,
at the Old 'Y' (223 - 12 Avenue SW; Calgary).

There, we will strike a blow against the will of corporate rule!

At this subversive event - in defiance of manufactured dependence on corporate 'goods' for our survival - we will be freely sharing skills to enable each other to produce our own clothing and other subsistence needs. So, too, will our time together serve to build the bonds of community that have been shattered by corporate devilishness - and to break down the social walls of our society that would divide us.

In a show of allegiance with our city's noble anti-poverty activists, many at the gathering will be pouring our labour into valiantly crafting revolutionary one-foot squares. These spirited squares are to form the basis of blankets to carry our powerful message of resolute defiance against the foul forces of poverty.

As the range of our courageous skills of craft spreads, so to do those skills expand in scope. A daring revolutionary will be bringing the knowledge of the "cable-stitch" to be shared by all who would use it to confront those who would defy us! Certainly, there is a most clever metaphor to be found in the knowledge that a "cable needle" has no stopper, but rather is pointed on both ends!

All revolutionaries are called upon to seek throughout the land for the means of production. Our inspiring arsenal of yarn and needles must continue to bourgeon that we may overthrow those who would keep those tools out of the hands of the people. We will strive to provide for those without, and gratefully take in the contributions of those who - through extraordinary effort - can make provision for both themselves and others.

A special call is made to seek the opening of the eyes of men to the cause. Our brothers remain too few in seeing the grand nobleness of the Knitting Revolution!

Truly, it is the duty of each one of us to spread this glorious message to all who might hear it that we may speed forward our revolution to its inevitable victory!

My hope comes from the courage of your hearts,
Knitter G.


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