Thursday, December 13, 2001

Google Groups
Ever since Google released their monstrously comprehensive archive of newsgroups (dating as far back as 1981), every geek I know has been rummaging around for their personal 'classics'. Well, now I've found one of my own.

My favorite, although not my earliest, old posting found on Google is comparatively recent. In, July of 1994 I submitted a proposal for a new newsgroup:

One of the many purposes I suggested for the proposed group was discussion of:
Advocacy for and against the legalization of consensual cannibalism in modern society.
I especially like the respondant who signed himself Dave "meat-eater" DeLaney:
it occurs to me that the name alone, in this case, will probably attract a whole *new* Permanent Floating Flamewar; congratulations for finding one of the few taboos not yet constantly violently fought over on Usenet already...

In the end, I didn't bother to take the joke any further, so no newsgroup was ever made to support discussions around cannibalism.


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