Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Read This: "Hackers face life imprisonment under 'Anti-Terrorism' Act."

To those of us who are rightfully cynical, this terrible abuse comes as no surprise. It is, none the less, a complete travesty of justice and must not be allowed to happen.

Computer hacking is not terrorism. Most computer hacking isn't even harmful in any way shape or form. There are some small number of deviants and criminals who engage in harmful computer actions (such as theft of credit card information and spreading viruses), but those acts are not terrorist in nature - any more than your typical burglary or vandalism.

Treating computer crime in this manner is an utterly tyrannical, despotic, evil, vicious (etc., etc.) act. This has nothing to do with justice and protecting society - and everything to do with corporate power and repression.

This is a vile disgrace on the lives lost on September 11; that their deaths should be used to justify the hateful agendas of the rich and powerful.

Shame on you, American government.


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