Thursday, June 28, 2001

A California State Attorney is reportedly being demoted, apparently because of providing a legal interpretation that was in line with the state law, rather than being in favor of employers.
Isn't it "nice" to see that corporations can so readily override the law?
DIY stop-motion, high-speed digital photography. Their samples include some great visuals of things being shot/shattered by ballistics. Especially cool is the amazing water-balloon suspended in air - without the balloon!

Friday, June 22, 2001 is tracking Microsoft's war against open-source.
Some cool unofficial Lego Star Wars models by a Lego fan.

Friday, June 15, 2001

" Unisys Apologizes for Creating Unintended Consequences of the Computer Age"
"Unisys Corporation... issued a public apology for the many human inconveniences resulting from its invention of UNIVAC I, the world's first commercial computer, introduced on June 14, 1951."
"Apple gives satanists hell" reads the headline of a MacWorld article about "Apple's legal team['s] dispute with The Church of Satan."
The church has issued a detailed reply to the situation. The kicker is this quote:
"It is also amusing to us that this company uses as a corporate logo an apple with a bite taken from it, which certainly appears to be a reference to that other famous apple. We have not forgotten that forbidden fruit, which would impart knowledge of Good and Evil, offered to Eve in that mythical garden by none other than the serpent, an avatar of Satan himself."
Mike Daisey, an Amazon worker, has put out some videos where he tells accounts of his adventures at the web-based book retailer. The one I watched was "Porn Day", where he describes how it was part of his official job to, once a week, check out porn sites on the net (no joke) and evaluate whether they should be allowed to link to Amazon.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

A blogger buddy of mine, replying to my e-mail announcing this new blog (my first) said:
"And you with so much to say... I can't help but wonder why it took so long."
My reply:
Larry Wall wrote in one of his Programming Perl books that the three essential qualities of a programmer are laziness, impatience and hubris.
Guess which one was winning out for so long :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Place Jamming - reclaiming urban spaces for nature. Inspiring read from Adbusters.
There's also a place jamming contest (deadline: August 1, 2001).

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

"Lego Legends"!!! Lego will finally be reissuing classic sets! The first set is "The Guarded Inn" (originally set #6067, now set 10000), a great Castle set from 1986. It's expected to begin shipping in July, only from Lego Shop at Home.